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Mobility issues can make dressing yourself challenging, especially if you have muscle weakness that makes pulling tops over your head or when pulling up pants or socks difficult.

Hang clothes at a height that is easy to reach. The height of the shelves or racks in the closet could be adjusted to meet your needs if you cannot raise your arms or are using a wheelchair.

Installing an adjustable closet system allows you to place shelves, hanging rods, hooks and drawers at accessible heights.

You can purchase adjustable clothing racks at your local home improvement stores or home organization stores.

Store clothing you wear most often in dresser drawers at a height that you can access easily. If you cannot reach lower drawers, consider placing the items in baskets on a shelf at a height you can reach.

Storables Decorative Storage Baskets

Ikea catelog

Lay out your change of clothes on a hanger(s) and take them into the bathroom with you. Hang the hanger on a doorknob, towel rack, or robe hook. Self-adhesive robe hooks are available so you can customize the height.

If you have trouble reaching your clothes, have someone else gather them for you. Laying them out the night before can save time in the morning. You could choose a week’s worth of outfits at one time and place them at a level you can reach.

Sit down when dressing if your balance is compromised. Do not try to sit on the edge of the bed to dress.

Using a stool can make it easier to reach your feet to put on shoes and socks.

Avoid socks with tight elastic.

There are several aids that can help you don socks.

Sock Aid Wide Style Adult

Easy Comforts Easy Sock Aid

Stocking Donner

Consider nonskid socks instead of house slippers that can slip off your feet.

Consider slip on clothing without fastens if you have difficulty with buttons and snaps.

Elastic waist pants are easier to slip on that those with zips or buttons.

Avoid pants with elastic ankle bands.

Consider slip-on shoes if you cannot manage the fastens or it is hard to get your foot into a shoe due to contracture.

Avoid backless clogs or sandals. It is too easy for your foot to slide off and twist your ankle while walking and could cause you to fall down stairs.

Avoid shoes with high heels, even low stiletto styles and wedges can be unstable.

Use a long-handled shoe horn to help you slip into your shoes.

Long Handle Stainless Steel Long-handle Shoe Horn

Buttons can be replaced with velcro. You may be able to utilize a button hook.


Good Grips Sure Button Hook

For necklaces and bracelets, consider adding magnetic clasps. Consider purchasing a longer necklace chain that can slip over your head for your favorite slides and charms.

Fire Magnetic Clasps Magnetic Clasps

Consider zip-up tops if you cannot lift your arms over your head.

Decorative or plain zipper pulls can help you grasp the zipper.

You can purchase many decorative styles or make your own using ribbon or cording, with or without beads or dangles.

Custom Silicone zipper-pulls

You don’t have to limit your wardrobe to fleece jogging pants. There are attractive, elastic waist pants made by various manufacturers and offered in retail stores.

Fleece can be quite warm. If you sweat heavily, you might want to avoid fleece.

Cotton allows your skin to breathe and can be just as soft as fleece.

Choosing clothes with larger openings can make it easier to pull tops over your head or step into pants or shorts.

Dressing in light layers makes it easier to cope with body temperature changes throughout the day.

There is no reason to have to wear wear pajamas all day. Being well-groomed and dressed in day clothing can actually lift your spirits and put you in a more productive mood.

There are several stores that offer adaptive clothing for people with limited mobility and those that are wheel-chair dependent or bedridden.

Adaptive Clothing

Disability Adaptive Clothing Dressing Tips

Be Wheelchair

Buck and

Dignity by

If you need assistance getting dressed, it may be easier for your caregiver to help you put on pants, socks, and shoes if you are lying down.

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